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Construction Contracts are the secret to successful building projects in Melbourne

Building contracts play a vital role in the construction industry. This document outlines the scope of work, risks, duties, and legal rights of both the contractor and the owner. With a properly written construction contract, success is within your reach.

In Melbourne, the construction industry is growing rapidly. It’s multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects employ millions of people across the country. Thus, well-crafted construction contracts are a must to protect the rights of service providers, homeowners and other clients.

Construction is a big investment. Better consult a construction lawyer before signing a building contract. They can help guide clients in reviewing and drafting different types of contracts. They know that a good contract can prevent future legal issues, benefitting clients in the long run.

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What is a Construction Contract?

A construction contract is a key document that contains a detailed agreement between the contractor and the homeowner.

It comprises the job descriptions of both parties – the scope of work, duties, and responsibilities – their legal rights, the dangers and risks that can be encountered along the building process, and in some contracts, variations and insurance.

It is also important to note that a domestic building contract must always be:

  • Put into writing
  • Includes all the terms and conditions applicable to the project
  • Signed by both parties (the contractor and the client)

Construction contracts vary depending on the situation and who helped in drafting and reviewing their building contracts.

Construction Contracts We Can Help You With

Domestic Building Contract

A domestic building contract is an agreement containing all the work that should be performed for the construction of a commercial or residential building.

Whether you are the owner or the builder, we can help you understand your building contract better, and let you know just what should be happening at each stage, or draft conditions to protect your interests.

Subcontract Agreement

A Subcontractor Agreement is a document between a builder/contractor and subcontractor that outlines the perimeters of specialist work to be done for the construction project.

As specialist building and construction lawyers, we can help you review or craft subcontract agreements, as well as other standard construction contracts, to ensure that they will have your best interest in mind.

Lump Sum Contract

Under a Lump Sum contract, a “fixed price” for the work to be done is agreed upon by the client and contractor before the work begins.  

It can be more of a risk to the contractor as there are fewer mechanisms to allow them to vary their price. Our construction lawyer can help you determine if a Lump Sum contract will be beneficial to you, and which construction contract provisions to include.

Cost Plus Contract

A Cost Plus Contract states that a client agrees to reimburse you for building expenses such as labour, materials, and other costs, plus additional payment usually stated as a percentage of the contract’s full price.

This type of construction contract is an alternative to Lump Sum agreements. It allows flexibility for the homeowner and reduces risks for a contractor. However, this applies to contracts worth $1million or in some home renovation contracts.

If you encounter any issues, our construction law firm can communicate with the other parties on your behalf and ensure that a fair solution will be reached as quickly as possible.

Construction Contracts We Can Help You With

What We Do

Review, draft, negotiate and enforce construction contracts for homeowners, builders, contractors, developers, and suppliers.

Construction Contract Review

Before signing any construction contract, make sure that you agree to the terms indicated.  Keep yourself aware of common issues that can arise due to building disputes such as:

  • Poor communication
  • Neglect
  • ‘Rise and fall’ of costs during construction
  • Quality of the work done
  • Delays in construction work
  • Fencing issues
  • Builders denying your warranty rights

Inconsistencies and unclear statements in the contract can cause legal issues and building disputes. So, review the contract thoroughly before signing it.

A specialist building and construction lawyer can review your construction contracts for you. He can go over the whole document, summarise key points, and advice in writing a contract that’s in your best interest. You’re sure about what you’re getting into.

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How our Construction Lawyers can help you

Our building contract lawyer in Melbourne only works on construction law matters. We have over 10 years of experience and have worked on various cases. You can count on us on getting the right legal advice.