Construction contracts are written agreements between owners and contractors. It is an important document for commencing work in the building and construction industry, and the key to achieving success even before the start of a building project.

These types of building and construction contracts aim to cater to the rights and needs of both owners and contractors. Here are the most common types of domestic building contracts used in Melbourne:

  • Fixed-Price Contract
  • Cost Plus Contract
  • Major Domestic Building Contract
  • Minor Works Building Contract
  • Home Improvement Contracts
  • Contracts for Outdoor Projects
  • Customized Building Contracts

However, these types of construction contracts also vary depending on the association which drafted these resources for homeowners and contractors. In Australia, these big building and construction associations that offer construction contract services include:

Master Builders Association

The Master Builders Association is the oldest employer association and one of the building and construction industry leaders in Australia. Its online shop offers various standardised building contracts from Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC), Master Builders Australia and Master Builders Victoria. Specifically, MBA Victoria offers Domestic Building Contracts for various building projects such as:

  • New Homes Contracts
  • Home Improvement Contract
  • General Conditions of Contract
  • Subcontract
  • Minor Works Contract
  • Project Specifications

Housing Industry Association

The Housing Industry Association is the official governing body of the domestic building industry of Australia. It aims to represent and serve the interests of the country’s housing industry at the regional and national level. To support this goal, they also offer templates for Victorian building contracts.

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria is a unit under the Department of Justice and Community Safety of the Victorian government which regulates consumer affairs within the state, including the affairs of the building industry. They even provide guidelines for consumers when engaging in domestic building projects and entering a contract.

Consumer Affairs Domestic Building Contract types:

  1. Pre-construction contracts
  2. Building Contracts for home improvement
  3. Building Contracts for New homes
  4. Building Contracts for outdoor building projects such as pools and spas

What can our Melbourne Construction Lawyer do for you?

Our specialist construction law firm Contracts Specialist offers Contract Drafting and Review services through our construction lawyers in Melbourne. They can look over any type of construction contract and give the right legal advice on your contract.

Why should you trust our
Construction Lawyer in Melbourne?

Our construction lawyer in Melbourne has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing different types of construction contracts for our clients in Sydney and Melbourne with contracts such as Domestic Building, Commercial, Fixed-Price, Cost Plus, and Subcontracts.

Before engaging in any building project, you may consult with our specialist building contract lawyer to make sure that the stipulations written on a contractual agreement will be in your best interest. It is also important to have your contract checked so you can avoid common issues that may arise with vague contracts such as:

  • Poor communication between contractors
  • Lack of building and construction knowledge
  • Negligence
  • Poor quality of the work done
  • Payments and council approvals
  • Construction work delays

Call our construction lawyer in Melbourne today so you may have peace of mind and confidence in avoiding legal issues in the future.