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Our Construction Lawyer Services

Every day, we help resolve various construction issues

We deal with different aspects of construction law. We resolve contract, building, and even payment issues. So whichever situation you’re in, we’ll be able to give you only expert legal advice.

Here's what we can do as your Melbourne Construction Lawyer:

We guide you in making good legal decisions. We assist in alternative dispute resolution procedures or court processes.

You will no longer suffer from crippling consequences of disagreements and conflicts in a project.

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We draft and review your building contracts to suit your best interest. We make sure that you’re agreeing to law-compliant contracts and prevent any possible problems. We can also help you with contract termination.

Our lawyers will always be at your side!

We make sure that you get paid with what you deserve. We can help enforce your rights under the Security of Payment Act through adjudication or debt recovery.

You’ll never be at the bottom of the payment pile from now on.

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