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We are a specialist building and construction law firm based in Melbourne, AU. We deal with Building Disputes, Construction Contracts, and Security of Payment.

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About Construction Lawyer Melbourne

Construction Lawyer Melbourne is a website managed by Contracts Specialist Solicitors and Attorneys.

We’re Melbourne-based building and construction lawyers committed to help small to medium construction businesses with their legal needs.

We help Victorian builders, homeowners and contractors move forward.

About Contracts Specialist

I’m John Dela Cruz, Principal Lawyer of Contracts Specialist and Construction Lawyer Brisbane.

I specialise in construction law. I’ve been practising it for over 10 years where I help homeowners, builders, and contractors every day with their legal situations.

In my years of practising construction law, I’ve played various roles in the construction industry. I’ve been both Government solicitor and corporate legal counsel. I even served as Division President and Councillor of Master Builders Association NSW.

Recently, I have extended my legal services to the city of Melbourne.

Talk to me today to help you move forward.

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Areas we can Help you with

There is a boom in Melbourne’s construction industry. It has been very fast-paced that disputes can easily occur between parties. To resolve this, you’ll need a construction law expert.

They deal with different aspects of construction law which includes but not limited to:

Building Contracts

Whether you’re building or renovating a house, count on us to draft and review building contracts. We’re experienced with Victoria building contracts and can explain common legal issues regarding the agreements and documents you’ll need for the project.

Building Disputes

Building disputes happen when a party fails to comply with their contractual obligations or miscommunication between parties has occurred.

Some of the common building disputes are:

  • Non-payment and late payment
  • Delays in building projects
  • Fence Disputes
  • Foundation Issues
  • Home renovation disputes

Security of Payment (SOP)-related Disputes

We can help you understand your payment disputes. We help you enforce your Security of Payment rights and guide you in making adjudication applications to authorised nominating authorities.

Building Dispute Resolution

Our Melbourne construction lawyers will explore all your legal options that best suit your situation. We can guide you when seeking help from Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV), Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), as well as Victoria’s main courts. We will defend and enforce your legal rights.

How to Consult Us?

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Step 1: Call us on
03 8639 9930

Tell us more about your situation. Your first consultation is free. You’ll know where you stand legally at no cost. Let’s work together and see how I can be of help.

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Step 2: Review of Documents

Send me contracts and other relevant documents so we can look over it. This enables me to assess the situation better.

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Step 3: Signing Agreements

We’ll be transparent with our fees for specific legal services. We’ll also ask you to sign an agreement too.

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Step 4: Expert Legal Advice

We’ll discuss the steps we need to take to resolve your problem. Together we can explore your legal options. We’ll make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

How our Construction Lawyer in Melbourne can help you

Construction law can be intimidating, but we’ll help you fully understand everything that’s happening. Our Melbourne construction lawyers will ensure that you’re in good hands

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