Construction Lawyer Melbourne

Construction Lawyer in Melbourne, AU

Construction Lawyer in Melbourne, AU

Our Building and Construction Lawyers will
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Get the right legal advice before it’s too late. Let a building lawyer manage any legal issues. They’ll help reach your construction goals and minimise any further losses. They’ll also lead you in the right direction as they help with mediation with other parties or any court process if needed.

Melbourne has a fast-paced construction industry. It contributes $21.6 billion to Victoria’s economy as a leader in off-site and digital construction innovation. But along these developments and enhancements comes building disputes and other problems too.

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Building Dispute

Construction is costly for both parties. You may spend more than that was planned. There will be also times building issues can arise and miscommunication worsens the situation. These can drain energy and finances from both builder and homeowner. So, you’ll need a building dispute lawyer in Melbourne to remove your worries away.

Security of Payments

Our construction lawyer can give legal advice on issues related to the Security of Payments.We’ll know what to do in case of late or non-payments. Being unpaid can cause dire consequences to your cash flow so you need to take action.

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Building Contracts

A well-written construction contract can help minimise risks. Before you sign any agreement, get the advice of a construction law expert to make sure that it will be in your best interest. We can draft and review construction contracts for you.

We can help you enforce and defend your rights– whether you are a homeowner, a builder, or a subcontractor.

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We can help you enforce your rights. We only work on construction law matters so be confident that we’ll give you the right legal advice.

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Why work with our Melbourne Construction Lawyers?

With over 10 years of experience specialising in construction law, rest assured that our building lawyers have worked on a situation similar to yours. They deal with all sorts of clients daily, from homeowners, builders, and contractors.

They strive to prevent further conflicts– doing the process as efficient as possible. They’ll look closely at your situation and anticipate possible disagreements or disputes, then adjust accordingly.

You can rely on our building lawyer’s expertise and knowledge of construction law. They’re committed to doing the job right. Dedicated, efficient, and responsive, our specialist construction lawyers will guide you towards a resolution for your dispute in an ideal timeframe without any hidden charges.

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Building Contract Lawyer

As building contract lawyers, we draft and review various contracts for our clients such as pre-construction contracts, building contracts, or even home improvement contracts.

Building Dispute Lawyer

As building dispute lawyers, we help resolve daily construction issues. Some common disputes we help with are building defects; fence disputes; construction delays; and variation disputes.

Security of Payments

We can help you enforce your rights on Security of Payment. We’ll make sure that you get paid on time or even get the money you deserve when late payment or non-payment happens.

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