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Type of Construction Contracts That Need to Be Reviewed

Typically, construction contracts emanate from the builder or contractor. They may be standard form, or drawn up from scratch.

Standard Form Contracts

These are the construction contracts issued by industry associations like Master Builders and Housing Industry Association (HIA), or by a government unit like Consumer Affairs Victoria. They are already pre-printed, and need only be filled in by the parties.


Contracts Drafted by the Builders

Sometimes, builders prefer to draft contracts from scratch instead of using standard forms. 

In either case, the smart choice would be to have the contract reviewed, to ensure that everything is in order, and that all stipulations are fair to all parties involved.

What a Contract Review Entails

A contract review does not simply mean we peruse the contract. We thoroughly study the contract, take an in-depth look at all the intricate details, and make sure that all the pertinent clauses  are there.

We make sure there are no unfair stipulations. Additionally, we also do the following:


Advise Client

We study the contract, explain to you all the important details, and give you advice on the next steps you should take.


Propose Amendments, if Necessary

If the contract seems to be one-sided, or appear to contain unfair stipulations, we will propose amendments, revisions, or modifications.


Propose Contract Administration

Sometimes, contractors are not keen on amending the contract. And more often than not, contractors use the standard forms mentioned above – the pre-printed construction contracts issued by Consumer Affairs Victoria, Master Builder, and Housing Industry Association. Those types of contracts leave little to no room for amendments. In such case, we recommend the appointment of a Contract Administrator, who will be responsible that the contract will be carried out according to its exact terms.

Contract Review Costs

While you may need to shell out for contract review services, that minimal investment saves you tons in the long run. The returns are exponentially greater than your initial cash outlay.

construction contract review in Victoria

A thorough contract review made by a trained specialist will ensure, from the outset, that you will never suffer setbacks at any point in the construction process; and in the off-chance that you do, you have options readily available to resolve the issue.

If you want to avoid falling into contractual traps and getting caught in unforeseen pitfalls from vague clauses, working side by side with a construction lawyer is the best investment you can make.

Construction Lawyer Melbourne

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We offer:

Traditional Firms

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The Downside of Not Undergoing Contract Review

Construction contracts admittedly carry risks, especially to a homeowner who may not necessarily have the technical know-how of a contractor.

A well-reviewed contract significantly reduces your exposure to risks. Some of these risks include:

absence of important clauses like:

potential disputes like:

Construction Lawyer Melbourne renders negligible, the probability that the project will not be completed as you’d envisioned.

Make the prudent choice for you and your family. Before you sign that contract, invest on the assurance that you’re getting your money’s worth on your building project.

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