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These are articles to help you learn more about domestic and commercial construction contracts, and how to effectively draft and review any type of contract. For more queries, call our Construction Lawyer in Melbourne today.

ABIC Victoria Contracts: A Quick View

ABIC contracts are for building projects to be administered by the architect. This article gives a brief overview of the common types of ABIC contracts in Victoria.

Domestic Building Contracts in VIC : A Quick Guide

Before signing your domestic building contract, have a quick look at the different types of home building contracts in Victoria, so you can determine which type suits your needs perfectly. Read on for more.

DIY Construction Contract Review

Yes, it’s possible to review your construction contract on your own, without engaging the services of a lawyer. Read on to find out how.

Construction Contract Review: Yay or Nay?

Contractual arrangements carry so much uncertainty as to the outcome, especially during the execution phase.

You may want to review the contract on your own, or engage the help of a contract lawyer. Read on to learn what your best options are.

Statutory Warranties in Construction Works

When it comes to construction work, an implied warranty or “statutory warranty” is an assurance made by the builder to the owner that the works carried out are of quality and meet a certain standard.

Everything You Should Know: Construction Contract Disputes

Construction contract disputes may hinder progress, affect owner-builder relations, deteriorate the quality of work, and may render a huge waste in time and money. Contracts are essential to your building project. Knowing that construction contract disputes may arise would help you complete your work properly, anticipate and avoid legal consequences in the future.