These documents are needed to start the construction of building signs, low and mid-rise building structures, and fit-outs of your favourite stores. As these contracts bring life into businesses, then you must understand that a well-written commercial construction contract is crucial.

Commercial Construction Contracts

A commercial construction contract is a written agreement between contractors and business owners. Commercial construction contracts are made for the construction of commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, kiosks, schools and many more. In other words, building contracts for commercial purposes cover a lot of structures for business purposes.

Parts of a Commercial Construction Contract

Important parts of a commercial building contract include:

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Project Specifications

This clause includes project details such as the project name and address, and the date the contract was agreed upon and signed.

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Contract Price

This part specifies the contract price including GST. Whether the contract is a fixed-price or a cost-plus one, the contract price is definitely one of the most important parts of a commercial construction contract.

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Scope of Works

This section explains in detail the plans and specifications for the building project. This part also includes a brief description of the project, with its exclusions and inclusions. Drawings are sometimes referred and attached to this section.

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Contact Information and
Customer Details

Also included in the commercial contract are contact details of both builder and customer such as their name and address, contact information, and other business details needed for the contract.

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Terms and Conditions

This part contains all the terms and conditions agreed by the parties. It includes the obligations and liabilities of the parties, payment terms which specify the date for claiming and the due date for payment,variation procedures, terms for suspension of works or termination of the contract, and other general terms and conditions between the parties.

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Warranties and Insurances

There should be a part of the commercial contract that specifies which aspect of the work or the building project is insured. It is important that these specifications are clear in the contract because it is a detailed explanation on what to do when there are defects found in the building.

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Special Conditions

This part simply specifies any special terms and conditions that the party might want to include in the contract.

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Provisional Items

For any allowances on the time and cost of the construction, provisional items must be specified in the contract. These specified works under this section may or may not be carried out depending on the situation.

Who can help you with drafting a
Commercial Construction Contract?

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A construction lawyer is the best choice to seek help on commercial construction contracts. Commercial contracts are legally bound agreements, so it is important that your contract is crafted in accordance with construction laws and codes governing  Australia and Victoria. Moreover, these construction contracts must specify your rights and obligations in the project, so whether you are the building owner or the contractor, your rights are of the utmost importance.

Commercial construction contracts are also useful as supporting documents in resolving building disputes. That is why a construction contract is best created under the supervision of construction lawyers. When things suddenly do not go as planned and the problem escalates into a building dispute, your commercial construction contract is something you can always rely on.

Improve your Commercial Construction Contracts with a Building Lawyer

A building and construction lawyer offers various legal services that can truly help builders and contractors in all aspects of the building project. For commercial construction contracts, a construction lawyer can offer these three services.

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Contract Drafting

If you are about to enter your first commercial project but have no idea what to include in the contract, a construction lawyer can definitely lend you a hand. Our contracts specialists can walk you through the parts of a building contract and even provide you with templates to serve as a guide. In addition, drafting your contract with a solicitor can make your contract more compliant and credible.

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Contract Review

If you have a draft contract or the other party hands you a contract, having it reviewed is the next step. Your building lawyer would be the best person to review your commercial construction contract as they can help you understand the contract contents before you can sign it. They can also point out the risks and  certain details in your contract that can be added, removed or revised to make it more clear and favourable to you

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Legal Advice on Commercial Contracts

Anyone in the construction industry would need expert advice, especially when facing building issues. A construction lawyer can help you know and enforce your rights whichever type of building contract you have. Furthermore, when contract disputes arise, legal advice will help you get out of these situations. Our building lawyers can advise you on the proper steps to take and discuss with you the process on moving forward from any building situation.

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