ABIC Contracts at a Glance

ABIC Contracts are created for building projects where the Architect will be the administrator of the contract.

Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC) are a joint publication by the Australian Institute of Architects and the Master Builders Australia Limited (Master Builders). 

Types of ABIC Contracts in Victoria

The most common types of Architectural Contracts issued by the ABIC in Victoria are:

Simple Works - Domestic

ABIC SW-2008 H Vic
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For the most part, the Simple Works is commonly used, even if it lacks some of the features found in the Major Works contract. It nonetheless covers all the bases. All the provisions required for the Architect to address the issues below are present in the Simple Works contract, including for domestic building projects:

Simple Works - Domestic

Schedule 1 – Contract information

Purpose: This is where the essential information and contract documents are set.

Schedule 2 – Special conditions

Purpose: Allows for special conditions to be included in the contract

Schedule 3 – Order of precedence of contract documents

Purpose: This schedule allows the parties to amend the standard order of precedence between contract document categories, and to specify in more detail which documents in the contract take precedence.

Schedule 4 – Site information

Purpose: This section provides for the insertion of the site information relevant to the particular project.

Schedule 5 – Form of guarantee

Purpose: Provides a form for contractor unconditional guarantees that meet the requirements of the contract.

Schedule 6 – Provisional sums

Purpose: Provides for details of provisional sums, including the sum allowed, a description of the work covered by each sum, and (if applicable) the intention to use a particular person to carry out the work.

Schedule 7 – Prime cost sums

Purpose: Provides for details to be recorded of all prime cost sums including the sum allowed, a description of the item(s) covered by each sum, and (if applicable), the intention to use a particular person to supply or supply and install each item.

Schedule 8 – Items to be supplied by the owner for incorporation into the works

Purpose: To distinguish between the materials to be installed or fitted by the contractor, and those that will be installed by the owner.

In addition to the above, ABIC simple works contracts contain the following:

These are all to enable the Architect to better administer the contract.

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