Domestic Building contracts may either be:

adversarial vs non-adversarial
Standard Form


when should ADR be voluntary or compulsory

Standard Form Contracts: Fast Facts

1. Some examples of standard form home building contracts are:


Housing Industry Association – Victorian New Homes Contract


Master Builder New Homes Contract (HC-7)


Consumer Affairs Victoria Domestic Building Contract


ABIC Simple Works- Domestic Victoria – Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC) are jointly published by Master Builders Australia Limited and the Australian Institute of Architects; for projects administered by an architect

2. Standard form contracts for domestic building must be lump sum.

Domestic building contracts by law must be fixed-price or lump-sum contracts.

3. ABIC SW Housing – this is a Simple Work contract issued by the ABIC; for small to medium sized projects.

4. ABIC MW Housing – this is a Major Works contract exclusively for housing projects, wherein payment in stages is adopted. The difference between this and the SW contract, is the added features/clauses that are absent from SW contracts.

Which Domestic Building Contract is Right for Me?

Key Takeaways

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