What is a defect?

Under the Building Contract for New Homes, “Defect” means:
  • Work that is in breach of a warranty
  • Work that is not of a standard or quality specified in the contract
  • A failure to carry out and complete the Work in accordance with the plans and specifications and the contract
Some specific examples of defects are:
  • damage to the walls
  • incomplete roofing
  • incomplete work involving doors
  • damaged doors
  • uneven work for flooring
  • damaged flooring
  • messy work


What are these warranties mentioned above?
Consumer Affairs Victoria Warranties
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Warranties are what the law requires the Builder to promise or assure the owner. In the context of domestic building, they basically say that:

1. the building works should be:

2. and the materials used should be:

When and how can you check for defects?

Building Contract for New Homes Completion of Work Clause
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You can check for defects when you inspect the premises upon Completion of Work. When you see defects and incomplete work, you should send the Builder a Defect Rectification Request within the time period specified in your contract.

Rectifying the defects

Once you’ve given your list of defects and incomplete works to the Builder/Contractor, they need to rectify said defects at no cost to you, within the time period stated in your contract.
Building Contract for New Homes Defects Rectification Clause
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When defects turn into dispute

If the Builder/Contractor refuses to rectify the defects, or questions:
  • whether there is a defect, or
  • the extent of the defect, or
  • whether the defect has been rectified,
you make take that as a dispute, and follow the Dispute Resolution Procedure in your contract to settle it.
Building Contract for New Homes Dispute Resolution
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This would involve sending the Builder/Contractor a Notice of Dispute, and setting a meeting to attempt to resolve the dispute amicably through honest communication and negotiation. If the dispute is not resolved within 10 business days, the parties may lodge a complaint with Building Advice and Conciliation Victoria, or ask for an inspector to be appointed.
Home buildig defects in VIC

How we can help

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