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What can a Construction Lawyer do for you?

Review Building Contracts

We can look over your building contracts and help negotiate for favourable contract terms. We’ll also make sure that your contracts are legally valid and formed with lawful expectations.

Understand Construction documents

Our construction lawyer can help you understand construction documents whether you’re in the pre-construction, construction or even during the handover phase.


Make progress payment

You have the right to Security of Payment. Our construction lawyer can ensure that you get paid right on time whether you’re under a final, single, or milestone payment scheme.


Court Assistance

Whatever building dispute resolution you’ll need to undergo, we’ll guide you every step of the way. We assist with mediation, litigation, arbitration and other court processes.


Preventive Measures

We’ll help you foresee issues and disputes that could happen during the construction project and take necessary steps to prevent these.


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Move Forward With Our Construction Lawyer

  • We’ll inform you of your legal rights
  • We’ll help you enforce your rights in the DBDRV, VCAT and the courts
  • We’ll enforce your rights and resolve disputes with the other party