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Our construction lawyer in Melbourne can guide you in construction litigation matters. You can be confident that you’re taking the right legal steps with your building dispute.

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How our Construction Lawyer can Help You With

Alternative Building Dispute Resolution Methods

Litigation might not always be the solution. Consult with our building dispute lawyer for any alternative legal resolution that you can still take aside from litigation such as mediation.


Our building dispute lawyer can guide you when resolving problems through the Dispute Settlement Center of Victoria (DSCV) and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Court Representation

Disputes can escalate and are brought to court. When this happens, our building dispute lawyer can defend your legal rights in the Magistrate, County and Supreme Court of Victoria.

Contract Termination

In the case coming up with a resolution is impossible, you can opt to terminate your contract. We’ll help you do it the legal and proper way so you get to avoid trouble.

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Moving Forward with our Building Dispute Lawyer

  • We’ll let you know of your legal rights
  • We enforce and defend your rights at DSCV, VCAT, and in the courts
  • We guide you in making the best legal step for your situation

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