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Are you experiencing building issues and looking for an expert lawyer?
Our Construction Lawyer advises on Building problems around Victoria.

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Our specialist dispute lawyers only deal with construction legal matters.
We work on Building Disputes such as poor workmanship and construction delays.

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Construction Lawyer

Having a hard time dealing with your building problems right now? Afraid of getting ripped off?

Get immediate advice! Consult with our building dispute lawyer now and they’ll help you resolve your building problem.

  • Provides expert advice to clients
  • Delivering legal services proficiently, carefully, and as reasonable as possible
  • Prevents the current situation from becoming worse
  • Follows the client’s instructions, terms and conditions
  • Assists with paperwork and other legal documents
  • Maintains client’s confidence

What our Building Dispute Lawyer can do for you

Enforce Warranties and Insurance

Found building defects on your house? Our construction lawyer can guide you on fixing these defects and enforcing your rights to warranties and insurance as stated with the law.

Alternate Building Dispute Resolution

Having trouble with your builder? Our construction lawyer can guide you in making the most cost and time-effective building dispute resolution process suitable for your problem.

VCAT and Court Process Assistance

Get help from our construction lawyers when applying for dispute resolution in the tribunals and courts. They’ll help you understand your rights and legal processes to resolve your problem.

How We Can Help You Move Forward

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  • We will inform you of your legal rights
  • We can help enforce your rights at DBDRV, VCAT, and in the courts
  • We can enforce and defend your contractual rights including terminating your contract with the other party
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